Soundproof Windows

Our speciality.

Experience Serenity: Discover Our Soundproof Windows
At Wohnraum German Windows, we understand the importance of tranquility within your living space. That's why we offer a range of premium soundproof windows designed to keep unwanted noise at bay, allowing you to enjoy peace and quiet in the comfort of your home.
Sound reduction up to 31dB
  • 70/76mm Profile
  • Standard Double glazing
  • 2 Seals
Sound reduction up to 39dB
  • 82mm Profile
  • Asymetrical Double glazing
  • 2 or 3 Seals
Sound reduction up to 45dB.
  • 92m Profile
  • Laminated Double glazing
  • 3 Seals
Factors for best results

What influences a window's soundproofing?

  • number of seals,
  • window profile (frame and sash elements),
  • glazing type and thickness,
  • number of panes,
  • type of gas filling the space between the panes (using e.g. argon),
  • tightness of the connection between the frame and the sash,
  • installation (proper installation ensures proper sealing).
Effective soundproof windows are the result of a complex combination of various factors.
Looking at the materials that will effectively mute the noise coming from outside. UPVC is definitely on top because it offers better parameters than aluminum due to its greater porosity.
Glazing units
The most important thing in the context of insulation is the choice of glazing. Of course, the thicker the unit, the better the insulation - not only the glass itself plays a role, but also the space between each layer.
Sound-absorbing glass is laminated glass with a special acoustic foil. It is carefully tested to express the Rw coefficient - a weighted attenuation value - the higher the value, the better the acoustics. Rw is calculated based on the results of laboratory tests that simulate conditions associated with road traffic noise.
Asymmetrical glass configurations, with varying thicknesses, can effectively disrupt sound waves, enhancing soundproofing capabilities by minimizing resonance and improving noise attenuation.
While triple glazing offers additional layers of glass for sound insulation, in certain cases, double glazing with thicker glass and optimal sealing may provide better soundproofing by effectively blocking and absorbing sound waves.
Final note:
What else is worth considering? The finishing of the whole element is also important - proper installation can further reduce the transmission of sounds. Only if carried out correctly will it provide us with the expected acoustic insulation.
While we strive to provide effective soundproofing solutions, it's important to note that guaranteeing complete soundproofing is not possible. It may be challenging as it can also depend on the surrounding building materials and environmental factors.