Available for doors and windows.  

Insect Screens
(Mosquito Nets) have a durable mesh that protect the interior against insects and impurities coming from the outside (for example leaves, dusts).
You can choose between flat-framed, opening, sliding, and folding insect screens.
Possibility to choose not only its kind but also the assembly type, which provides a wide offer for any needs from the offered windows, doors and sliding systems.
Flat screens for windows are insect screens made of extruded aluminum.
Semi-permanent installation with a brush seal.
Ease of assembly on the windows frame is provided by special hooks.
Swing opening screens for doors are insect screens made of extruded aluminum.
The compact build of this insect screen provides a great functionality without taking up too much space in a closed position.
In order to keep a proper protection from insects it is equipped with brush gaskets.
Folding screens for doors and large windows are insect screens made of extruded aluminum.
The Insect screens with a pleated mesh, are designed to save space and provide a simple operation.
They have a well developed sliding system which will be appropriate for patio doors, as well as sliding and folding systems.
Sliding Mosquito screen
A type of insect screen that uses the mechanism of parallel guide rails in the top and bottom part of the frame.
This solution is dedicated to all sliding systems.
Swing / Turn
Classic & Strong Mesh
Anti-Allergy Mesh
Anti-Smog Mesh
Sunscreen Mesh

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