Information about available glass types

Glazing options
Our standard Insulated Double Glazing is denoted as (4TH/16Ar/4). This means the system has a 4mm pane of energy efficient glass (TH) with a 16mm argon gas cavity (Ar) and a standard 4mm float glass. With a heat transfer coefficient of Ug = 1.1W/(m2K) as per PN-EN674* standards, this system offers approximately five times the energy efficiency compared to single glass window pane
Our Insulated Double Glazing can be further enhanced to meet diverse needs and preferences. Options include upgrading to triple glazing for even greater thermal insulation, incorporating soundproof glazing to minimize external noise disturbances, and integrating sun protection glazing to mitigate heat gain and UV radiation.
Type Options Include: float, thermo-float, colour-float, multi-float (safety, anti-burglary, bulletproof), ornament and even electric self-obscuring glass (privacy). For doors, we also offer a wide range of door panels and combinations of panels and glass.
Double glazing is the standad glazing for most window types. The typical 24mm glazing unit is made of 4mm Low-E glass, 16mm Argon and 4mm solid glass.
Triple glazing is providing additional benefits like added energy effciency.
The glass panes can vary in thickness and specifiaction to deal with several requirements.
Quadruple glazing is the most energy effciencient option avaialble.
Sound reduction
For additional soundproofing any of the glass panes in double or triple glazing can be replaced with a special sound absorbing glass where 2 panes are laminated together with a special sound absorbing foil.
Secure glazing is laminated and / or toughened to increase safety. Their puncture or shatter resistance is adjusted to the customer's requirements.
Solar control glazing that reduces the flow of light and solar energy into the room. They are offered with selective, absorbent or reflective glass.
Muntin bars are also called grill or french door profiles and give the windows an elegant and unique character.
Our offer includes internal and external (glue-on) profiles that come in various dimentions and colors.
Internal muntins, made from Aluminium and placed between the glass panes.
They are cost effective and maintance free.
Image of Double glazing with internal muntins
Muntin bars with a width of 8 mm are available in several attractive colours. Wider muntins offer a choice of RAL and veneer palettes.
External muntins, are placed on the outside of the glass panes and can come with optional duplex unit between the panes
Image of Double glazing with external (glue-on) muntins
Duplex muntin bars consist of two elements – external and internal. Together, they create captivating and unique windows. The external part is glued to the glass and is broader than the internal duplex.
Spacer bars, are typically silver but also come in several tones to compliment the frame color.
The Swisspacer Ultimate increases the thermal efficieny of the glazing unit.
Ornamanet glass, most double and triple glazing units are compatible with ornament glass that provide privacy and other benefits.