Available in UPVC, Aluminium and Steel.  

Entrance doors
The choice of doors depending on the need, is possible in UPVC, aluminum or steel construction. A full glazing made of a chosen type of glass, panels with an outer layer resistant to weather conditions or a choice of many variants available in the collection - this is a choice which is possible regardless of the system that has been chosen. The door can be equipped with many accessories which will improve its safety class and emphasize theaesthetic values.
Door panels and design
A wide range of door designs is avaialble for all door variants.
Door handles and bars
A wide range of door handles and bars is avaialble for all door variants.

Aluminium Threshold is used in doors made of UPVC and aluminum. Each system has its own variant with a maximal height of 20mm.
Standard door hinges, hidden or roller hinges.
Door closers
Available door closers are supplied by reputable manufacturers,

Access control
Accessories designed for personal identification with numerical keyboard, cards or fingerprint reading

Something else?

We have several additional options available. Please contact us for more info.

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