The perfect addition.  

The innovative design makes our pergola suitable for many types of buildings and gardens, being a luxurious, decorative element.
Movable slats, side glazing and sun protection panels provide many arrangement possibilities.
The Pergola is an extension of the living room to the outdoor area. The structure consists of a stable aluminum frame and an operatable roof, thanks to which the amount of light on the terrace can be adjusted. Innovative solutions like rain, wind and temperature sensor give you extra possibilities to access for this space regardless of weather conditions.
Lighting & sensors
Additional options like LED lighting around the perimeter of the structure or automatic control systems (rain, wind and temperature sensors) enhance the comfort provide by this system.
Movable Lamellae
Depending on the weather and your preferences, the roof can be open to the sun or closed to provide more shade.
It can be operated by a click of a buton or automatically by sensors.
Proper water drainage is ensure by integrated pipe system.

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