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Ventian Blinds, a classic window blind solution that creates a highly opaque barrier to sunlight, thanks to the superior quality of the components and the option of installingon the outer side of windows. The installation method ensures that the entire structure of the façade blindis extremely stable, while a wind sensor can prevent operation in high winds and damage from strong gusts. The façade blinds improve the aesthetic values of building façades, while reducing the heat transfer levels and indoor temperatures by up to 9°C. The system provides significant savings on the cooling power required by indoor air conditioning.
A universal and very budget-friendly system.
The universal fit is ensuredby the adjustment of the top rail clamps and the guide rail clamps. This solution makes installation feasible in most homes, both those under renovation and new builds, and both as adaptation blinds and built-in(concealed) blinds.
A modern system with an aluminum box - lintel, available in a visible version and in a flush-mounted version. The simplicity of performance and the characteristic bend on the outer wall of the box create an interesting alternativeto other systems.
Clever BoxThis system boasts the best thermal and sound insulation performance in the product range, due to its unique design and the superior quality of the components. It is the only top-mounted roller shutter system compatible with façade blinds for full blocking of outdoor light. The system ensures great levels of comfort in hot climate.

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