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We offer the highest quality UPVC windows on the Indonesian market. UPVC or sometimes known as PVC-U, is seen to be a relatively new product in Indonesia. However, this product was first manufactured in Germany in the 1960’s, and is growing to become the most popular frame material globally. UPVC is also being incorporated in many Indonesian homes and offices, due to its great properties.

Regular PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a strong and lightweight product, used for many purposes including the construction industry. PVC can be made softer and flexible with the addition of plasticisers. UPVC is unplasticised making it rigid and hard to flex. UPVC is lightweight, durable, water resistant, fire resistant, has excellent thermal performance, and is one of the lowest maintenance building products available. UPVC will not warp, twist, rot, rust or fade, even in the harshest of conditions. It is also completely recyclable and a very safe product. UPVC does not contain harmful chemicals, and for this reason it is even used for fresh water pipes.

UPVC framed windows combined with a double or triple glazed glass unit, are an excellent solution for a new or existing buildings. UPVC window systems typically have a steel structure within the frame for added structural stability. Wohnraum windows & doors have unmatched security, durability, thermal performance and noise reduction. We offer 3 different frame types, available in over 30 different ‘Renolit foil’ veneer colours, which also include natural wood-like textures.